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The Liberal Assumption of Governance
August 18, 2011, 9:27 pm
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It must be understood of our liberal kinsmen who desire for a central leader to control all our affairs that they presume that they MUST lead because they know more than any other individual can.

Their thinking is centered to emphasize that they can know what we cannot know, and that all we can and should know is what they tell us is true. To have faith in their teaching and governance absent of anything other than their declarative rule – unsubstantiated – without evidence, they know what we cannot possibly know through experience and common sense. The claims of global warming cannot be systematically weighed by the experience and common sense of an individual so those who lead must tell us how to live because we cannot know what to do. They must govern us. This is the central presumption of a true liberal.

The science of common sense and experience suits the common individual best because all have common sense and experience to govern to learn how to effectively govern their affairs. The science of liberalism is that there is knowledge of the world that they can only teach us, and therefore, they must rule us because it is impossible that the helplessly ignorant individuals could rule themselves, in spite of how much they think they actually can.

I choose the science of common sense and experience, for it is the basis for self-government.


UPDATED:  An example of this mentality put into practice is what was just released from NASA scientists who have special knowledge and are telling people that they need to change their lives because they have special knowledge that aliens will destroy humanity if we do not do something about global warming.  http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2011/aug/18/aliens-destroy-humanity-protect-civilisations   The average man has no common sense, experience, or rational evidence to conclude that alien life exists – and even if such life does exist, what evidence, experience, or common sense would the average man have to suggest that this life would be (a) smart enough to know of global warming (it must be a liberal) and (b) armed and hostile to bring about the genocide of an entire species for the sake of global warming.    Only those who are ignorant of experience, evidence, and their common sense will be swayed by such boundless claims that are used to extend the will of government.