A Commentary on the Modern World

American Hope
August 6, 2011, 4:51 pm
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The more our nation is in need of laws, the more it represents our failure to care for ourselves, others, and that which God has entrusted us with. If we see our neighbor hurting themselves and do nothing to correct them, it is just as good as saying the behavior is okay. The point is that if we care for God, we must care for those that He cares for: ourselves and others. Yes. We are our brothers’ keepers. The need for more and more laws in America is due to the fact that we have silently approved of destructive behaviors and mindsets that have resulted with our nation becoming over-regulated and over-taxed.

Regulation is not needed when people care for themselves and others and punish those who do not do likewise.

Taxation is not needed when the people protect and provide for themselves and others.

We have both in America because we have not practiced love towards ourselves or our neighbors. The moment we learn to obey the teaching of Jesus – in spite of our feelings and circumstances -we will find that regulation and taxation will cease to be necessary.

If we are to be free men and women, we must protect and provide for ourselves and others, and this is love.  Freedom is dependent upon love, and love is dependent on Christ.  For Christ has died for all men making them worthy of such love.  If all be worthy of such love, then all is deserving of such protection and provision.


“Love does no wrong to a neighbor. Therefore, love fulfills the law.” Romans 13:8