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Men at Work v. God at Work
August 11, 2011, 7:48 am
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It happens at – what seems like – the most unfortunate times. You are rushed, driving down the road, trying to get somewhere, as fast as you possibly can, and when you least expect it, standing in the middle of the road, clothed in bright yellow and orange is the man with the stop sign that messes up your whole schedule.  Yes. Men are at work, and you are forced to stop.  Been there before?

Instinctively but angrily, we stop and begin to impatiently wait for the “stop” to twist into “slow.”

Now have you ever seen the idiots who become so impatient that they choose to ignore the stop sign and the flagger. It seldom ends well for them.

Here’s what I am talking about:

Obviously, if you just have faith that the stop sign guy is actually stopping you for your own good and trust them in spite of how impatient you are, you know eventually you will safely get to the other side. It’s good to remember that the reason they are usually stopping you is because they are repairing the road so that your path will be much better in the long term.  You might have to wait for them, but eventually, if you allow them to work, what was a road that was breaking apart will soon be a smooth path for you to follow.  You know this, and here is a grand example of it.

The point is simple. Although you feel like it is an inconvenience to stop for road work, if the work wasn’t being done, it would make your trip even more dangerous and worse.  If you ignore their stop sign, you could put yourself and your vehicle in great danger.  This is why you know to trust the flagger when they tell you to “stop” and when to “go.”  You know that if you just patiently wait, your road will be made clear, and you will be much safer.

If only we could have such faith with God.

Just like we have to stop for construction so that the danger of the road can be fixed, it is important that we learn that God tells us to “stop” moving forward in certain areas of our lives for very similar reasons.  All of us seem to be on a road to get sexual gratification, financial security, relationships, and the like.  We zoom toward these things as fast as we can because we have a desire that is rooted in our flesh to get them.  God wants you to have these things, but he does not want you to get them in ways that hurts yourselves and others.   There is a time to progress in these areas, and a way to progress in these areas that are safe for you and everyone else.  If you zoom toward sexual pleasure and ignore God’s stop sign to wait and progress in this area in his way and timing, you condition yourself to sex outside of marriage before you are married, which pretty much implies what you will do after you are married.  If you zoom toward financial security and ignore God’s sign to wait and progress in this area in his way and timing, you can find yourself stealing and cheating to get more money.  If you want a relationship as quickly as possible, you will date – even marry – someone who abuses you simply because you are so afraid of being lonely, you ignore God’s stop sign and rush to your own destruction.

The point I am trying to make is that if you understand the faith you express in a construction worker to tell you when to stop and when to go for your safety, you can understand the faith you have to exercise in God to tell you when to stop and when to go for your safety.  If you rush on and try and satisfy your desires in whatever way you feel like doing, you are controlled by what you feel, rather than what is good for you.  A husband will feel like cheating on his wife.  Employees don’t always feel like going to work.  You cannot live rushing to do whatever you feel like doing and expect to have a life that will be good for you or those who care about you.  God only wants you to care for yourself and others because you care for Him.  This is the choice to love yourself and others in spite of emotions and circumstances.

Yes. In a weird way, you are stopping for the sake of love because love does no wrong to a neighbor, yourself, or God. (Romans 13:8-10)  When you move forward in any other way, God says stop and wait until you are in sync with this command.

So if you can trust that a man might know when it is best for you to progress on up the road, if God exists, you should also be able to trust that He would know when it is best for you to progress on the road of life.  Anytime a deed can undermine the life of you or someone else, he is going to tell you to stop. Sex outside of marriage conditions the breakdowns of families every single day.  Teenagers are teaching themselves to be used to many sexual partners ensuring greater difficulty to commit to one single person – even if they have children by that person.   This will affect their children when divorce comes around and will deeply hurt everyone involved.  The U.S. economy is in the toilet because people wanted money and loans quickly and easy without having to be responsible in how they dealt with their money. This has  hurt themselves and millions of Americans who lost money.  It is never good to rush past God’s stop signs and fail to satisfy these basic desires in ways that is best for ourselves and others by means of the choice to love in spite of emotions and circumstances..

So next time you pass a road work stop sign, think of the fact that God tells us to stop and wait for a reason: He loves you.  If you have the patience to stop and wait to go when his word says it is good to go, then you will find your path is much safer for you and others to progress.  Circumstances, emotions, and people will tell you to move forward anway, but have faith, and you will see why it was good to wait.


Matt. 22:34-36  “Love God with every beat of your heart, every thought of your mind, and every breath of your lungs, and love your neighbor in the way you should love yourself.”

Romans 13:8 “Love does not do a wrong to someone.  This is why love fulfills the law.”

Psalm 25:3  Let none that wait on You be ashamed.

Psalm 25:4-5  Show me Your ways, O Lord; teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me: for You are the God of my salvation; on You do I wait all day.


If we wait until we can move forward in love for ourselves, others, and God, we will cease to live in a civilization that profits so much from the destruction of our friends, families, and ourselves – all the people that Christ died to sustain and save.


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