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Jared Loughner, Carolyn McCarthy, and Gun Control
January 10, 2011, 11:00 am
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It has almost been two days since the now infamous Jarred Loughner shot up an Arizona “Town Hall” murdering 6 and seriously wounding 14 others.   And, up until now, there has been little politicization of the incident. Save for an ignorant sheriff and an overzealous blogger, the incident has been reserved as the actions of a madman, rather than the result of the brainwashing of Republican or Democrat ideologies.   However, it is very important to acknowledge what will assuredly be the next debate to rise from all of this: Gun Control.

In this modern world, the government seems to provide solutions to the problems of man.  From a Biblical perspective, Romans 13 teaches that the government is founded to protect people from evil deeds saying that the government “does not carry the sword in vain but to punish the evil doer.”  Laws are brought in to clearly define what is evil and what is good.  Hence, the law comes in to forbid the behavior that will be punished by the government.  So ideally, the government will punish evil and will produce laws to clearly define that evil.

Now as it pertains to this situation, Mr. Loughner had his heart set to murder.  The weapon of choice was a gun. For this reason, Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) has set her heart to outlaw guns. Effectively, she presumes that because Jared used a gun to kill these people, there wouldn’t have been a mass murder had a law existed to deny him a gun.  Hence, Congresswoman McCarthy believes that the solution to the problem is dependent upon the government adopting a law to prohibit the possession and use of guns.

Now let us briefly interpret this from the biblical understanding we have just obtained for the purpose of the government.

  • God purposed the government to punish evil with the sword.
  • The Government issues laws to expose that evil.
  • Hence, laws reveal the evil that the government will punish.

Effectively, a law against guns suggests that merely holding or possessing a gun is, in and of itself, an evil act.  Yet, we must now ask ourselves, is holding or possessing a gun ‘evil’?  Logically, this does not hold up because there are millions of Americans who have both held and possess guns but have done no wrongs to anyone with them. Thus, evidence can be shown that holding and possessing guns is not evil.  However, using a gun to hurt someone is an evil act, and that is the case that will be made to outlaw guns.  But be cautious to allow the government the authority to say, rather ignorantly, that holding or possessing a gun is evil, as such laws banning them will do.  The government bears the sword to punish evil deeds, and evil deeds are outlawed to inform the public of what deeds the government will punish with the sword. To outlaw the possession of guns is authorizing the government to deem that holding or possessing a gun is evil, when in all actuality, no evil is being done.  Obviously the intent of the congresswoman is to outlaw what can be used to inflict suffering on others, and she has a noble motivation, indeed.  Yet, the motivation in this case cannot be properly or logically applied, for if guns are outlawed because they are used for evil, it is only rationally consistent that every thing that HAS been utilized to hurt others, even self, should also be outlawed, such as baseball bats, alcohol, knives, ropes or even pillows.

While many think that the law will protect the people from those who seek to do evil, I fear that such faith is misplaced.  The harsh use of the government’s “sword” against the evil doer will do far more to deter evil and protect people than a law outlawing the murderer’s weapon of choice, which will always vary according to the person and what is available to them.

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Great thoughts, Ben; I concur 100%.

A lot of this comes back to the view of the nature of man, specifically to why people do bad things. The Biblical view is that the problem ultimately lies in the human heart. The liberal humanisitic view is that people are basically good, but do bad things sometimes because of their circumstances.

Under that view, if guns are taken away, people won’t kill each other. But the problem is that we’ve been killing each other ever since Genesis 4, long before we had guns (or even weapons). Jesus Himself said murders come out of the heart.

Comment by Matt Clark

Criminals are criminals. They have no regard for the law whatever it may be. Law abiding citizens however fear loosing their liberties and freedoms and therefor obey the law. the problem comes when government creates criminals out of otherwise law abiding people by making criminal their possessions and livelihoods by passing restrictive laws based on misguided intentions and prejudicial biases. So you pass a law making certain items illegal to posses, a flood of law fearing citizens all comply and suddenly as if by miracle the world is now safe from criminal activity? Wrong. Criminals broke the laws before, they will continue to do so no matter how many you write and pass. All you’ve done is turned the rest of us into their victims! Thanks for wanting to turn me into a criminal and a victim Ms McCarthy, you really have lost your grip reality haven’t you?

Comment by Mike


Thanks for a very substantive, well reasoned, and coherent response to the issue. I hope more people can speak this point, as eloquently as you have. Feel free to drop by anytime, especially as the site continues being updated. Your input will always be welcome here.

Comment by Ben Knotts

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