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“The Last Exorcist” is not another dumb horror film
August 28, 2010, 7:02 am
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Seldom does Hollywood produce a film that has a righteous or godly message in it.  What is even more seldom is when such a film is of the horror genre.  So you can only imagine my surprise when I witnessed a film that had such a message.  Truly, the film itself is a tragedy.  Yet, the tragedy of the film is ultimately founded in a lack of belief in the record of Scripture, the truth of Scripture, and the God of scripture.  Yes.  I believe I just watched a film that has a clear message for people to turn to God and believe what He has said is true or else permit the Devil and his minions to take control as we try to rationally explain the evidence for their activities while denying their existence.  Such a message is the source for the conflict in “The Last Exorcism.”‘
When I began to watch “The Last Exorcism,” I was unsure of what to expect.  I figured mindless horror and cheap scares would be the natural thing to expect.  Yet, when a preacher began to speak on his lack of faith, my attention was aroused.  I figured this film would not merely be an exorcism film in the traditional sense, but a film to try and expose the ignorance of believing in demons and God at all.  What surprised me was the accurate retelling of the story of the origin of demons.  From Satan’s reign to the fall of the third of the Heavenly Host, I was shocked at how theologically accurate and respectful the script was to the source material.  Still, the main character, the skeptical Preacher, was adamant to  rebuke the existence of demons, and the book and God who said they existed and to rely on His power to overcome them.  One particular line was especially powerful:  “If you accept Jesus, then you must accept Him as He is presented in the Bible. He was an exorcist of these evil demons. So, yes, I do reject demons.”  Basically, in saying He rejected demons, he is rejecting Jesus.
I won’t spoil the remainder of the film, but I must compel you to understand that the ultimate lack of faith and trust this preacher had in the word of God would be the source of his own sorrow and the source by which demonic powers ultimately take hold.  He was convinced of the ability of science to explain the evidence of what people believed was demonic activity, and because science, who denies God and the supernatural, could explain the activity of God and the supernatural in a rational way that shows that they do not exist, the Preacher took their word over God’s.  The Preacher was discouraging to the faith of others, and quick to judge their acts of faith as ridiculous being based on his presupposition that the faith he had formerly practiced and they presently practiced was false. Hence, the ultimate source for this Preacher’s struggle was taking the word of man over the Word of God.

Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised by this film because, although there is a lot of scares and disturbing moments, the reason all of it is permitted to go on is due to a lack of faith.  Faith in the power of God is always where the sorrows of man originate.  And I don’t care who preaches that message, be it Hollywood unintentionally or Billy Graham with a purposeful passion.  The message of holding fast to the faith in the power of the Spirit is timeless.
Truly, we live in a day and age in which a science, who rejects the existence of God and the supernatural, practices a scientific method that teaches that God and the Supernatural does not exist, we all could easily be like that Preacher if we listen to them. Hence, this film captured the essence of what the struggle of faith really is.  Will I believe what man is telling me and how I feel in regards to what they are telling me or will I trust and believe God and His Word in spite of how I feel and what they are telling me.  The consequences of listening to the word of man couldn’t be more costly in “The Last Exorcist.”  For this reason, I am challenged and warned by the film.  If you can tolerate some scary scenes, support the film and take notes of the message.

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