A Commentary on the Modern World

The Darkened Prison
June 26, 2010, 4:03 am
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Imprisoned for my sin
while wasting in my cell,
looking for an exit,
Oh. What kind of hell.

I stand in my condemnation,
my sentence begins with death.
It comes. It comes. It comes.
ever closer with my breath.

But I beat upon the walls,
needing to suffer for my deeds,
I come to the dire conclusion,
that I can never be freed.

There are no windows here,
no doors, no bars, no drains.
Just walls consumed in darkness
built for my desire to fame.

No limit for my pleasure.
Now no limit for my doom.
I wanted a life of pleasure,
but my pleasures became my tomb.

My body,
yes my body,
was whored for what sorrowful desire,
while friends and family ever at the end of my ire.

Although I did no greater evil than many had ever done,
the Great One kept a record of this evil through His only Son.

So I seek for light in darkness, but with no walls for me to see,
there is no hope from the inside that I can be set free.

The wrongs of self, my ceiling, my family and friends, my walls,
but the ones that stand beneath me are greater than them all.

For He created us all,
concerned for everyone one.
The record of wrongs against them all administered by His Son.

There was no offense too small that it deserved to be forgot.
Because each and every one had a face to its lot.

Yet, in this darkened prison, deserving no means of escape,
a noise is heard from the outside, that calls me to its gate.

My eyes in pain adjusting to an outline around the bricks.
A light is seen to show a way from this darkness that is so thick.

Then suddenly I can hear an illuminating voice.

A man is now beside me.
His words provide a choice.

His voice beats louder and louder.
He emits illuminating rays.
What once was blackened darkness is becoming shades of grey.

The walls are caving in now.
The ceiling falling in.
Even the ground I stand on, is consumed by the light from Him.

I look over to His shining, then His light passes on to me,
to free others in their darkness.  “Save them from their deeds.”

We will live in our darkened prisons,
so long as we love pleasure more than man.
but the God who takes offense to such sorrow will judge or save you by His own hand.


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