A Commentary on the Modern World

The Role of Ignorance in the Affairs of Men
June 22, 2010, 6:57 pm
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“Ignorance is a lack of information that is the means of our knowledge.”

In this modern world, information is everywhere and easily accessed. What we know is what defines us.  What we believe about what we know is what makes us who we are.  Hence, to know who you are you have to know what you believe about what you know.  Without knowledge, you have no way to believe anything.  Information is what supplies knowledge   Therefore, because knowledge is of such great importance, the information that supplies our knowledge is of greater foundational importance. Hence, to lack information is to be ignorant of what can be known.

To know that you do not have information is knowledge that you are ignorant.  What you believe about your ignorance will either be an asset to mankind or an evil to mankind.  For those who refuse to admit that they do not know cannot be taught the information that might enlighten them to know. So long as one believes that they know that which they do not have the information to know, mankind will suffer because of the pride of ignorant men.

Therefore, we must value our lack of knowledge and never cease to acknowledge it. For what we do not know is the basis that we can attain information and come to know it that we might believe a certain way about it to make us the people that makes this world a better place. I am ignorant, but I choose to not be ignorant.  Therefore, I learn that I might know that I might believe that I might be a person worth being.  Because I do not know, I can know.  Because I can know, I can believe.


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