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Prayers for the Day
June 13, 2010, 7:15 am
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I lost my patience today and used my frustrated feelings as a basis to embarrass someone I love to make myself feel better. I apologized to them, but forgive me. I do not want to do this in the future. “Love is patient, and kind.” (1 Cor. 13:8) This was my own sin.

I admire your grace, mercy, and kindness, for I know you have forgiven my on the merit of your Son, Jesus Christ. In His blood, I have this exquisite privilege to speak to you, in spite of everything I have always failed to be. In your Son, I am able to speak to you as a son. So grateful am I for this privilege. I seek your favor daily so that I would never take such a privilege for granted.

Floods surround my home, Father. Yet, you control the waters. Let your will be done, but I pray you would spare my home. In Christ, there is no force of nature that cannot be controlled. Spare my home and the lives of those in my community.

Let your will be done in my life. I pray for my humility. My pride is ever before me beckoning me to demand more than I deserve. If your Son, who created all that exists, did not stake claim to all that He deserved, how much less worthy am I? Keep me confident in your Spirit, but humble in my flesh. I am sinful and always needing to submit to the will of your Spirit.

I am thankful that you have protected me on the highways today, but there are more highways tomorrow. Please spare me from those who lack concern for those around them. Protect me that I may serve you another day.

Let your will be done. Father, the vision of the church you have set before me is ever before my eyes. Since I began to learn of your truth, I have known what you have expected of me. Bless the American Assembly for God and Country. Use me as you see fit to work among the brethren as your Spirit does, for it finds no prejudice to denomination but doctrine of truth.

Let your will be done. Lord, you know the hearts of our leaders and the intent of their mind. Your eyes never cease to examine the hearts of men. I say, God, that the plans of the righteous will prosper when they are founded on you, but even a righteous man’s house will fall when built upon the sand. “In the abundance of counsel there is wisdom…” In my abilities, I have nothing to boast of, but I boast of God and his word. Men should live up to their expectation and do not overstep their boundaries, lest those who have hired them become angry and reject them. Without wisdom, I speak to my own folly. I need your wisdom to address the conflict. The wicked shall not stand, and the righteous shall not be moved.

In my relationships, let me always treat others how you have treated me, even when I have been your enemy. Let me love my beloved with patience and kindness to push her to be as you are, and not to fit my preconceived ideas and desires for what I want her to be. Bless my parents and family with long years of service and growth to you. Do not let them get away with their sin that they might always have a reputation of integrity and compassion.

I pray for the students that I have led, and the youth under my wing. Let not the truth they learned fall from their ears, nor their lives find peace in any sin they may be enjoying. Give them guidance. Save them from their folly. May they serve you for this life and the one to come.

May your named be blessed among the lost and among those who convene in your name, not merely in word but deed. I thank you for, yet, another day to live. If I do not face you in the morning, I hope to meet with you again in the morrow evening a better man than I was today.

In the name of my blessed hope and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen


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Dear Sir,

Good to go through your writing, it blessed my heart, keep it up.

Bishop Tom Omukhobero
Kenya,East Africa

Comment by Rev. Tom Omukhobero

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