A Commentary on the Modern World

The Darkened Prison
June 26, 2010, 4:03 am
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Imprisoned for my sin
while wasting in my cell,
looking for an exit,
Oh. What kind of hell.

I stand in my condemnation,
my sentence begins with death.
It comes. It comes. It comes.
ever closer with my breath.

But I beat upon the walls,
needing to suffer for my deeds,
I come to the dire conclusion,
that I can never be freed.

There are no windows here,
no doors, no bars, no drains.
Just walls consumed in darkness
built for my desire to fame.

No limit for my pleasure.
Now no limit for my doom.
I wanted a life of pleasure,
but my pleasures became my tomb.

My body,
yes my body,
was whored for what sorrowful desire,
while friends and family ever at the end of my ire.

Although I did no greater evil than many had ever done,
the Great One kept a record of this evil through His only Son.

So I seek for light in darkness, but with no walls for me to see,
there is no hope from the inside that I can be set free.

The wrongs of self, my ceiling, my family and friends, my walls,
but the ones that stand beneath me are greater than them all.

For He created us all,
concerned for everyone one.
The record of wrongs against them all administered by His Son.

There was no offense too small that it deserved to be forgot.
Because each and every one had a face to its lot.

Yet, in this darkened prison, deserving no means of escape,
a noise is heard from the outside, that calls me to its gate.

My eyes in pain adjusting to an outline around the bricks.
A light is seen to show a way from this darkness that is so thick.

Then suddenly I can hear an illuminating voice.

A man is now beside me.
His words provide a choice.

His voice beats louder and louder.
He emits illuminating rays.
What once was blackened darkness is becoming shades of grey.

The walls are caving in now.
The ceiling falling in.
Even the ground I stand on, is consumed by the light from Him.

I look over to His shining, then His light passes on to me,
to free others in their darkness.  “Save them from their deeds.”

We will live in our darkened prisons,
so long as we love pleasure more than man.
but the God who takes offense to such sorrow will judge or save you by His own hand.


The Role of Ignorance in the Affairs of Men
June 22, 2010, 6:57 pm
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“Ignorance is a lack of information that is the means of our knowledge.”

In this modern world, information is everywhere and easily accessed. What we know is what defines us.  What we believe about what we know is what makes us who we are.  Hence, to know who you are you have to know what you believe about what you know.  Without knowledge, you have no way to believe anything.  Information is what supplies knowledge   Therefore, because knowledge is of such great importance, the information that supplies our knowledge is of greater foundational importance. Hence, to lack information is to be ignorant of what can be known.

To know that you do not have information is knowledge that you are ignorant.  What you believe about your ignorance will either be an asset to mankind or an evil to mankind.  For those who refuse to admit that they do not know cannot be taught the information that might enlighten them to know. So long as one believes that they know that which they do not have the information to know, mankind will suffer because of the pride of ignorant men.

Therefore, we must value our lack of knowledge and never cease to acknowledge it. For what we do not know is the basis that we can attain information and come to know it that we might believe a certain way about it to make us the people that makes this world a better place. I am ignorant, but I choose to not be ignorant.  Therefore, I learn that I might know that I might believe that I might be a person worth being.  Because I do not know, I can know.  Because I can know, I can believe.

Challenging Words for a Challenging Time
June 14, 2010, 7:10 am
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“In the abundance of counsel, there is victory.”  So says Solomon the wise.  (Prov.24:6)

In the midst of heated debate, sometimes individuals stop communicating.  When they appear to be listening, they might actually be simply waiting to talk.  When they appear to speak with knowledge, they could merely be repeating the ignorance of someone else. When the debate is heated, the flare of passions can often out burn the warriors of truth.  A vision for greater things can be destroyed by a passion for the things of the past.  In all circumstances, however, there is still the necessary expectation that a believer must adhere to what is true, just, and faithful.  When the passion and pride of our flesh corrupts these things, truly, we know that we have, once again, enthroned our flesh to the throne of Christ.  At such times, it is always necessary to hear the unbridled, uncomfortable truth that is contained in the word of God.

Messengers stood before me. Gripping truth like a gun. Aimed for our very hearts.  Cocked and ready to fire on the pride and passions of us fleshly men.  The justification for this firing?  Treason.  Ambassadors were assigned by a Kingdom that is at war with an evil world became the evil that they swore to confront.  They forsook the authority and teachings of their King for the pleasures of the world in which they lived.  Now they stood looking down the barrel of his powerful Word. The blast that would be fired on them was a most convincing reminder. The trigger was pulled, and only the most foolish of men would dare to continue in such treachery, for the gun of God was fired upon the hearts of the prideful.

One messenger would dare to say, “God has left our churches.” While another, whose dialect was so distinct, would remind the stewards of the faith of their forefather, Joseph. ” I am ever reminded of three specific characteristics of his faith that is inconvenient but necessary to practice. Never forget the grounding of his belief in the season of temptation.” He shouted. “For what he believed in his heart and mind would restrain him from what he wanted in his flesh and passions.” He would ask, “Have you forgotten the strength of his peace in the Season of Weakness?” Boldly he spoke. “God can take your platform of pain and make it a platform for opportunity.”  This is true.  For the strength of God always manifests itself amidst the weakness of the flesh.  Most importantly, this unique speaker would conclude that it was Joseph’s “testimony of Character in a culture of Contradiction” that impressed him most, for Joseph held fast to the conviction of his faith amidst a culture that served other gods and had no boundaries to their fleshly desires.

Then another stood before us.  He was tall. Very Dark.  A presence of power.  He smiled and then he laughed.  A false comfort came upon the hearts of many.  Yet, it was here that the trigger was finally pulled upon a number of prideful hearts. “Have you forgotten your calling?”  “You are losing the battle against hell because you have lost the authority within Heaven!” “Since you have stopped working on behalf of the Kingdom, you have lost the authority of its King!  Must I remind you that the church was created for the Kingdom?  Therefore, I say to you, as the Captain of the Lord’s armies stood before Joshua and spoke boldly that he was not there to take sides but to take over, so also now the Holy Ghost stands among the pastors of the church saying likewise.”  Just as victory did not come to Joshua through his cunning wit of strategy in battle, neither will the building of the church in this world come through programs.  Joshua had victory because he fought with God.  God did not fight with Him.  The church will be built because it will be built by the authority of God for the glory of God.  The church will not be built by the authority of God for the glory of men.  God is the author and finisher of his Work.  Truly, He will do all that lies in between.  No one deserves credit for what only He can do.  Thus, the question is if we will ask Him if we can join Him as He does so?

I say today: Oh Spirit of God.  Might my sin that caused me so much sorrow be drown in the blood of Christ and never permitted to breathe again.  May the agendas of your people fall and Your agenda for Your Kingdom arise.  I only ask, Father, that I might be of use to you in what you are planning to do.  As you are encountering the history of man in your own way, I pray that you would find a place for me to be used.  My pride, even now, resists this prayer.  Yet, no weakness is greater than your strength.  I submit my weak flesh to your strong Spirit that I might be a bold advocate for your Kingdom accomplishing your agenda until my tenure here is complete. May I bless your name for the rest of my days, and I will praise you forever.”

Truly, God has provided an abundance of counsel.  Truly, God has shown He knows the way to victory.  I pray you will join Him.

Prayers for the Day
June 13, 2010, 7:15 am
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I lost my patience today and used my frustrated feelings as a basis to embarrass someone I love to make myself feel better. I apologized to them, but forgive me. I do not want to do this in the future. “Love is patient, and kind.” (1 Cor. 13:8) This was my own sin.

I admire your grace, mercy, and kindness, for I know you have forgiven my on the merit of your Son, Jesus Christ. In His blood, I have this exquisite privilege to speak to you, in spite of everything I have always failed to be. In your Son, I am able to speak to you as a son. So grateful am I for this privilege. I seek your favor daily so that I would never take such a privilege for granted.

Floods surround my home, Father. Yet, you control the waters. Let your will be done, but I pray you would spare my home. In Christ, there is no force of nature that cannot be controlled. Spare my home and the lives of those in my community.

Let your will be done in my life. I pray for my humility. My pride is ever before me beckoning me to demand more than I deserve. If your Son, who created all that exists, did not stake claim to all that He deserved, how much less worthy am I? Keep me confident in your Spirit, but humble in my flesh. I am sinful and always needing to submit to the will of your Spirit.

I am thankful that you have protected me on the highways today, but there are more highways tomorrow. Please spare me from those who lack concern for those around them. Protect me that I may serve you another day.

Let your will be done. Father, the vision of the church you have set before me is ever before my eyes. Since I began to learn of your truth, I have known what you have expected of me. Bless the American Assembly for God and Country. Use me as you see fit to work among the brethren as your Spirit does, for it finds no prejudice to denomination but doctrine of truth.

Let your will be done. Lord, you know the hearts of our leaders and the intent of their mind. Your eyes never cease to examine the hearts of men. I say, God, that the plans of the righteous will prosper when they are founded on you, but even a righteous man’s house will fall when built upon the sand. “In the abundance of counsel there is wisdom…” In my abilities, I have nothing to boast of, but I boast of God and his word. Men should live up to their expectation and do not overstep their boundaries, lest those who have hired them become angry and reject them. Without wisdom, I speak to my own folly. I need your wisdom to address the conflict. The wicked shall not stand, and the righteous shall not be moved.

In my relationships, let me always treat others how you have treated me, even when I have been your enemy. Let me love my beloved with patience and kindness to push her to be as you are, and not to fit my preconceived ideas and desires for what I want her to be. Bless my parents and family with long years of service and growth to you. Do not let them get away with their sin that they might always have a reputation of integrity and compassion.

I pray for the students that I have led, and the youth under my wing. Let not the truth they learned fall from their ears, nor their lives find peace in any sin they may be enjoying. Give them guidance. Save them from their folly. May they serve you for this life and the one to come.

May your named be blessed among the lost and among those who convene in your name, not merely in word but deed. I thank you for, yet, another day to live. If I do not face you in the morning, I hope to meet with you again in the morrow evening a better man than I was today.

In the name of my blessed hope and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen

“A Time to Live”
June 11, 2010, 8:38 pm
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I commonly ask myself, “What do I want to be and accomplish with my life before I die?”   Every time I ask this question, I usually answer it in a similar fashion. “I want to be the greatest I can be in faith and in deed.  I want to be a giant for Christ in my doctrine and its respected application to enlighten the world with a true theology that can be understood and applied to their darkened worldview.”

By the time I am 30, I want to be Dr. Benjamin J. Knotts, a professor of theology, pastor, mentor, an accomplished author and the founder of  an interdenominational accountability program.  By the time I am 35, I want to have started 5 academies that provide a moral foundation to interpret and support the study of the sciences, math, linguistics, literature, and the arts, as well as the necessary, physical education. By the time I am 40, I hope to have turned this effort to strengthen the minds and faith of the next generation into a international effort for the betterment of all mankind.

I look at all I hope my life will be in the next 15 years, and I suddenly realize that such efforts will not become a reality unless I recognize the significant amount of time all of these efforts will need, and moreover, I must use this time to prepare myself to accomplish these goals and begin work to fulfill these goals.  I only have 203 days 9 hours and 40 minutes left or roughly 5,088 hours left in the year.  If I need 8 hours a day to sleep, that leaves me with 3,464 hours this year to work to accomplish my vision for life.

I guess all life boils down to really is how many hours you took of your life to what matters versus how many hours you took to do what didn’t.  I suppose this is why the Psalmist wrote this:

So teach us (God) to number our days, that we might apply our hearts to wisdom.”  Psalm 90:12

There are no differences in Kings and Men.  Only how they use the time in their day.  Presidents and the poor are both given the same number of hours in a day.  How they take advantage of that time is what makes them men who are to be admired, hated, and in many cases, simply ignored.  The time you have today is the time you have to become a better you.