A Commentary on the Modern World

Perverting Liberty at the Expense of Life
May 13, 2010, 6:31 am
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Recently, on the eve of New Year’s, British celebrators welcomed the New Year, not merely with cheers of joy.  They found it a pleasurable thing to drink the hardest of beverages to incapacitate their body’s ability to process alcohol to such an extent that thousands of individuals were treated for alcohol poisoning, hypothermia, and frost bite.  Their pleasure is their source of being and doing, and as such, they find no restraints in what might bring about such pleasure.  The objective belief that an American presupposition demands is that the body is the vessel you have been given to enjoy life, live freely, and earn property.  When the pleasure of the vessel undermines one’s ability to live or earn property, a perversion of the exercise of man’s right to liberty has occurred.

No man’s freedom should be used to destroy another’s life, liberty, and property.  This is because all men are created with value from the Creator.  As such, it is  just as equally wrong for an individual to use his freedom in such a way that he undermines his ability to live his  life, live in liberty, and earn property.  Surely, one has freedom to do as he sees fit, but the freedom that the Creator endowed in the creation of man is regulated by a common love for one’s self and mankind, lest we find ourselves destroyed by what we want in ignorance to what we need.   If liberty is used to destroy life, liberty is always restrained and eventually taken.  Thus, you must never forget the love God placed upon your person, and always value your life as He would value your life, for if He loves you as He claims, He will surely hold you accountable, not only for how you treat others but how you have treated yourself.


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