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Consequences to Moral Ambiguity in America
February 10, 2010, 9:12 pm
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If there ever exists in the nation founded upon the pure moral goodness of God, an era in which ambiguity of character and goodness is a common thing of the people , the God in whom found favor in such a nation will no doubt find such displeasure with its affairs.  Not solely because of their unrepentant pride in their destructive lifestyles but also in that they knew the blessings of God in a faithful existence rooted from a reverence for his Son and the merit such faith in him is rewarded, forsook all manners of life which advocated peace with God and man to embrace damnable pleasures at the expense of life that flames the fires of eternity.  A nation in which right and wrong is a shade of grey is a nation in which right must overcome wrong, lest the destruction of the wrong overcome all that is right.