A Commentary on the Modern World

The Economic Heart
January 11, 2010, 7:22 am
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It might only be a piece of paper, but there is something to be appreciated in a crisp new twenty dollar bill. Yes. In its former life, this piece of paper hung triumphantly in the rafters of the forest, yet in your bill fold there is great potential and history for each piece of paper, such as this.

The hours in which you spend daily at your job is not to simply earn these pieces of paper.  Surely, every American who works to earn a consistent wage is not working to maintain the paper but to maintain their ability to have a better life.  Making it day-to-day from paycheck to paycheck is not their intention, although it might have developed to be their situation.  Rather, we, Americans, work for food, clothes, heat, electricity, clean running water, and a number of other necessities. The means to obtain these are in dollars.  The dollars we earn are not so that we might fill our pockets with paper but that we might provide ourselves with the means to a comfortable life. The jobs that we fulfill helps to work and ensure that others might have comfortable lives, as well. If the job does not exist, everyone is less comfortable and in greater need all around.

You, brothers and sisters of the American heritage, need to never fear that your services are ignorable. For the job you fulfill is for the sake of the citizens who surround you, and the keep of money that you earn is for the sake of the citizens who live with you. The pieces of paper that we call money fluctuate with these values, and when we fail to earn our keep in such an honest manner for such an honest reason, the pieces of paper will no longer be something to work for, as its former value will diminish with the hopes and dreams of you honest workers who strove to make your own home and society a more lovely place.

Each dollar that you earn for every hour that you work is a piece of keep from the economy you work an hour to uphold, and so long as it stands strong on this ethic, the people who work within it are surely able to work towards that more comfortable life. May we never lose such liberty.


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