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You are your own Patriot.
January 6, 2010, 6:37 am
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My American brethren, you are the true defender for yourself, your liberty and your property. For there is no other individual with as great a concern for your own existence as yourself. Such proof for this concern has been made evident in present events.  The current sitting President, Barack H. Obama, recently said the following in regards to an attempted terrorist attack:

“This was not a failure to collect intelligence, it was a failure to integrate and understand the intelligence that we already had. ….That’s not acceptable, and I will not tolerate it.”

Obviously to President Obama, the botched terror attack on the airline is a failure . He had great expectations to believe that his government is the sole means to protect American from terrorism.  I find such logic lacking.  I ask, is there no lunacy in suggesting that 308,431,551 people who are spread across an area of 3.79 million square miles can be protected by just 2% of  its population?  That effectively leaves one single person to secure and defend a full square mile and 120,000 people . It is a ridiculous expectation to assume that  3,000,000 are equipped to protect 300,000,000 over an area of nearly 3.8 million square miles. To suggest that such a feat is possible is to defy the laws of physics and basic mathematics.

Truly, no American would deny our need for public servants of defense, but our constitutional foundation never intended for the military, the police, or any other defensive servants to be the sole means of security for the average American. As our constitutional foundation is written in a declaration for independence that “all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator certain inalienable rights and among these are life, liberty, and (property),”  so is a constitutional presupposition that Americans are primarily responsible to protect themselves.

If God has truly given you life, liberty, and the right to own property, then it is understood that God must also give you a right to protect your life, liberty, and property because a right cannot be a right if it can be regulated or taken away bt another individual. If a right, such as life, liberty, and property, cannot be defended, it is not a right at all because it is anyone’s to take.  A right is only a right if one has the right and means to defend it.

It is for this reason that the fathers of the American foundation saw it necessary for every American to have the means to protect their life, liberty, and property.  This is why the second Amendment to the Bill of Rights demands that “the rights of the people to keep and bear arms must not be infringed.”  You are the only one who can defend your life, liberty, and property when a thief or a murderer comes upon your person.  When the government cannot protect you, who will if not yourself?  In a more desperate coming day, the government will be the one who attacks you.  Who then will protect you, if not yourself?  Truly, you are a person who knows the threats to your person better than any other individual.  Just as the brave patriot on the flight took the defense of his life, liberty, and property into his own hands, so should every average American embrace this freedom for it is an exercise of the right to protect your rights.

The president claims a massive failure has occurred in the intelligence of American defenses, but I say to you that a massive success has occurred in the exercise of American defenses. For it was not the government who brought down the terrorist on the plane but a lone individual concerned for his life, liberty, and property. May we arm ourselves to reverently protect that which God has given  to us and our founding fathers demanded for us, and not becoming so reliant on an entity for our protection as much as we should ourselves.


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