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The Beautiful American
January 3, 2010, 7:16 am
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Very few people in the world know the value of the human life that is demanded from the perspective of the average American.  Why is the American perspective so unique from those of the world that surround her?  I propose it is in her founding concern “that all men are created equal, and endowed with their Creator certain inalienable rights, among these are life, liberty, and (property).”   What manner of madness sprouts from the contra of these thoughts must be made apparent.

If man is not a created being, he exists absent of any objective desire or concern for his person  or his doing.  If man is not a created being, he exists without any more or less right to life, freedom, or ownership than a cockroach who invades the home and the murderer who breaks into the home to possess that which you believed was your own.  The American perspective formerly presumed that all men were, indeed, created, and not simply created but created in equality to one another, given a right to freely live and take ownership of what they earn or are given.  Anything that undermines the creative aspect of the constitutional theistic presupposition is itself an attack on the rights that each and every American enjoys day-to-day.

There has been an aged fight preceding the American constitution that found such theological presuppositions about mankind’s origin to be false and a hostile belief against the only God who created man in His own image just as false.  Such hostility to the God of the American constitution has always resulted in less liberty for all and less ability to have property.  Furthermore, having the American constitutional presupposition of the God who gave man His very own image at the point of creation does not necessitate that you worship Him supremely.  Rather, it merely defines that each man dare not tread on another’s life, freedom, or property. For in doing so, you are not merely denying someone what they think they deserve but what God has given them in His original creation. Thus, the American presupposition of original creation dictates that all mankind is endowed with life, liberty, and the ability to earn property from God, which clearly means that no one has ability or right to strip that right away, lest such a person be God, himself.

Truly, there is no better mindset that provides and protects every individual’s  life, liberty, and ability to earn and own property than that of the theistic American constitutional perspective.  Any entity or person that resists such strongholds, therefore, resists God himself, and Americans should live their lives with such reverence of their creation for it dictates that God himself supports your right to not just live, but to live in freedom, exercising your worth in earning your keep in this life.  Thus, there is no fear or ignorance in believing in God. For this theistic constitutional perspective that originated our modern American presupposition of equality and tolerance is, itself, the only means by which such an objective ban against infringements upon life, liberty, and property is truly possible. Truly, the Americans who recognize that the rights they enjoy are ordained by the God who created them have reverence for the life, liberty, and property of not just themselves but that of their neighbors, and while doing nothing to undermine these rights, they will also go out of their way to help their fellow-man fulfill them.

Indeed.  Such an American is welcomed to any neighborhood, and I believe you long to be such an American.

humble hope


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