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Resist the Hand of the Thief
December 27, 2009, 8:00 am
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There is a rule of thumb in our fair America that discourages the thief.  For the thief invites himself to your resources to use them as he sees fit.   Only one lacking sanity would find such loss a thing to be appreciated, for no thief is invited to withdraw the benefits of your labor to the benefit of their own agenda.  If such a thief entered into your estate to take that which is not his to do that which you do not ordain, a manner of acceptable behavior to deter such behavior is to man your firearm between the frames of the eyes of the thief to remind them of your sovereignty over that which is your own.  A thief has no right to that which is not his, and the owner, having full right of that which is his, must protect his property from any individual bold enough to steal or destroy it.  For if the thief knows he can be permitted to steal with no threat or loss to his person, the thief will surely continue to steal until such threat becomes evident.

Sadly, there are such thieves who arm themselves greatly to ensure that their power to take cannot be resisted or denied.  At such times, a possessor of property must be fully prepared to withstand such assaults if for nothing else, principle that the possessor of property must not be bullied into giving up the benefits of his labor, and there is no greater a thief that threatens the average American than the elected representation that governs their land.

Would you deem it appropriate for Christian folk to come into your dwelling and take the benefits of your labor to build a church?  If you volunteered the finances, it would be acceptable and encouraged.  If, however, you are an atheist who resists anything divine, any such acquisition would be denied and deemed theft.  It is just as equally wrong for atheists to expand their grasp to reach into the pockets of those of any particular faith to acquire the benefits of their labor to do that which undermines the practice of their faith.  Yet, when the thief is called “government” such acquisition to the benefits of your labor, be you atheist or the most devout of Saints, is not requested but demanded. As with any thief who comes to acquire your livelihood, stern resistance to such agendas must be denied.  Foremost, verbally that the defense of your property is warned. Thereafter, physically when the defense of your property is infringed upon.

You, my friend, are worthy of what you earn.  You, my friend, are good enough to choose who you want to help and how you may help them.  You and your local brothers can surmise your own agendas and projects to support with no man to stand in your way to undermine them.You have within your being compassion and the aptitude for love.  You have the ability of reason, in spite of all our own original imperfection.  Any entity can propose an agenda, but no entity has the right to force someone to support an agenda, especially by taking the benefits of your labor.  Thus, when such an entity comes upon your person and demands that you finance their agenda, be it a local thief or an all-powerful government, remind them that they have no right to your property with a stern warning ” for we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and endowed with their Creator certain inalienable rights, and among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” which we know to be property and the benefits to our labor.  If any entity presses to take these, arm yourself and defend that which the divine has deemed to be yours. For if you believe yourself to be alone in such resistance, look to your American brothers who embrace liberty in such a fashion beside of you.  For if you must resist your government in such a way to maintain your property for your own reason, then you will surely not be alone.

– humble hope


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