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What does the Bat insignia tell us about The Dark Knight Rises?

There is  a lot of smack being talked about the new poster for The Dark Knight rises suggesting it is a half-hearted effort of Nolan to keep interest in the film alive.  I believe otherwise.

Did Nolan just botch this together or is it consistent with an overall theme?

If you notice the use of the white light in the shape of the bat that supersedes the only escape from the demolition – it is very clear that the poster’s intent is to illustrate that the fall of Gotham will, inevitably, require the rise of the dark knight.

Additionally – the use of the wings in the skylight are placed strategically to the back of Batman’s back, as if they were his white wings. All other images of the Bat insignia have been dark or blazing – but this one is clearly white.

In Batman Begins – the symbol is clearly tangible. You can see it and touch it. This illustrated the metaphysical presence of Batman as a real figure engaging Gotham.  The entire film is about that literal presence moving into Gotham.  Look at the posters and notice how the  insignia is tangible.  Notice, Batman is pictured as moving into Gotham where night is about to fall, and notice the use of white light that illustrates hope of a new morning to be out of Batman’s reach.

Tangible insignia, white light is shining upon Batman.

Tangible Insignia. White light of hope far off in the distance – still focused on Batman – who is about to enter a dark Gotham City.

Tangible insignia. Batman enters city. White light of hope above him.

In The Dark Knight – the symbol is consumed in flames – being burned. This is a purging fire to illustrate how the Joker would destroy his image – where as Harvey’s image which had been destroyed would prevail to ensure hope. The sacrifice of Batman to allow his image to be burned – to allow Harvey’s to prevail illustrates well why Nolan chose to use the Bat symbol consumed by fire to tease the audience.  Also compare how the earlier posters showed the night falling upon Gotham – these show Gotham in the midst of that dark night – hence, the title of the film.

Notice the insignia is being consumed in fire and light – both in the picture and the logo. Night has also fallen on Gotham in these posters – where BB posters were at dusk.

Tangible insignia – again – is being consumed by light. The presence of Joker within Gotham is hinted to overcome Batman.

Both the image of the insignia and Batman have been marred by the Joker. This illustrates the character arc that takes place in the film. To protect Harvey’s image of hope in Gotham, Batman allows the Joker to destroy his image. Hence, the image and insignia of Batman as a symbol of hope are put to death in Dark Knight. To preserve the hope of Gotham in Harvey Dent – Batman allows his image to be destroyed. The posters illustrate that well.

In The Dark Knight Rises – the symbol that has been purged of fire is now a shining light – not within the city – but above it. It’s a resurrection of Batman as the hope of Gotham.  Whereas in Batman Begins, Batman  sought to inspire hope within Gotham and in Dark Knight, he sought to preserve hope in Gotham, this poster suggests that he will become the hope of Gotham.

The Insignia is now being consumed in light . The source of light for the poster is the insignia of the Bat symbol – which illustrates well that Batman is the light of Gotham. This is in contrast to the destructive fire and light that consumed the insignia in the posters for Dark Knight.

So – in Batman Begins, the insignia is a tangible symbol to inspire hope in Gotham (dusk). In Dark Knight, the insignia is purged in the fire of Joker’s anarchy to preserve hope in Gotham (night). In Dark Knight Rises, the insignia has become a light above the destruction of the city that inspires hope (morning).

Notice the transition of the bat image. The image is a tangible force within Gotham in BB at dusk. The image is consumed in fire within Gotham in the DK at night. Finally, the image is no longer within Gotham as a tangible force but exists above Gotham as a source of light in DKR at morning. The posters illustrate a dusk, night, and morning phase of Gotham all related to the sacrifices of Batman to save it.

So it is important to emphasize how well thought out the designs for the posters and the character arc of Batman’s role to Gotham.  The suggestion that the posters  are not thought out is ignorant of how the insignia was used in past marketing. There is a clear character arch to how the insignia in the posters represents what Bruce will do to inspire Gotham to save itself – just as Ras Al Ghul said the death of Bruce’s father – Thomas – had done.


Threat of Force in Govt Mandates
February 16, 2012, 7:54 pm
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The contraception mandate being imposed upon the Catholic Church needs to have one small bit of clarity added to it.

If the government gives a command to ignore a command from God – it requires a willingness to enforce their command. Basically, this means if the government tells you to ignore your faith, it requires them to have the willingness to use force to compel you to ignore your faith.

I would hope if such a day ever arises, the good people in America would unite to protect individuals who refuse to submit to such abuses of power.

To render unto Ceasar what is Caesar’s is just. To render unto Ceasar what is God’s is blasphemy. Obedience to God is greater than sacrifice – therefore, obeying God under threat of government force is a most righteous act of worship.

I pray for the restoration of a government that does not reserve for themselves the power to regulate religious liberty.

“In God We Trust”
November 1, 2011, 6:49 pm
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“In God We Trust” – so the money says.

If I trust my wife, I do what she asks of me – even if I don’t agree with her or understand why she wants me to do it.  It is the fact that I know she is worth trusting.  I bet my life on my wife because I believe she would bet her life on me.  I trust her.  I listen to her.  I do what she asks of me.

Does America really trust in God if they ignore what He teaches?


The Liberal Assumption of Governance
August 18, 2011, 9:27 pm
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It must be understood of our liberal kinsmen who desire for a central leader to control all our affairs that they presume that they MUST lead because they know more than any other individual can.

Their thinking is centered to emphasize that they can know what we cannot know, and that all we can and should know is what they tell us is true. To have faith in their teaching and governance absent of anything other than their declarative rule – unsubstantiated – without evidence, they know what we cannot possibly know through experience and common sense. The claims of global warming cannot be systematically weighed by the experience and common sense of an individual so those who lead must tell us how to live because we cannot know what to do. They must govern us. This is the central presumption of a true liberal.

The science of common sense and experience suits the common individual best because all have common sense and experience to govern to learn how to effectively govern their affairs. The science of liberalism is that there is knowledge of the world that they can only teach us, and therefore, they must rule us because it is impossible that the helplessly ignorant individuals could rule themselves, in spite of how much they think they actually can.

I choose the science of common sense and experience, for it is the basis for self-government.


UPDATED:  An example of this mentality put into practice is what was just released from NASA scientists who have special knowledge and are telling people that they need to change their lives because they have special knowledge that aliens will destroy humanity if we do not do something about global warming.  http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2011/aug/18/aliens-destroy-humanity-protect-civilisations   The average man has no common sense, experience, or rational evidence to conclude that alien life exists – and even if such life does exist, what evidence, experience, or common sense would the average man have to suggest that this life would be (a) smart enough to know of global warming (it must be a liberal) and (b) armed and hostile to bring about the genocide of an entire species for the sake of global warming.    Only those who are ignorant of experience, evidence, and their common sense will be swayed by such boundless claims that are used to extend the will of government.

And the Winner of the GOP debate is…..
August 12, 2011, 6:49 am
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So who won the Republican debate tonight in Iowa on Fox News?  This is the question that will be asked countless times tonight and tomorrow.  Given the fact that Rick Perry will soon enter the race, it really doesn’t matter.  Yet, it is important to better understand what a candidate is saying and why they are saying it to determine who deserves your vote the most.  So to that end, I will take a few seconds of your day to explain my choice for who won the debate.

Now all of these candidates have their issues, and I will address them from top left to bottom right:

Michelle Bachmann:  Easy to make fun of and disrespect.  She picked a lot of fights to set herself a part from the rest of the crowd, but she just didn’t offer enough substance for me to take her seriously.

Tim Pawlenty:  About as exciting as watching a rock and appears a  spineless in his failure to take a stand for his record and his statements. At least Romney defends his actions and viewpoints.

Mitt Romney:  Obama used Romney’s Healthcare plan in Massachusetts as the primary model for the Affordable Care Act which is an expensive disaster for the economy – not to mention his record on abortion there. He is easy to listen to, but in spite of the many words he uses, it amazes me that he says so little.  He offers nothing new to change the economy other than “I had a business so I can fix this.”  So does Cain.

Jon Huntsman: Boring and forgettable.  He sounded like a liberal.

Newt Gingrich:  Came absolutely out of nowhere to actually bring real solutions to the table. I have not been a fan of his at all, but he came out strong against the monetary policy and the Federal Reserve’s failure to act responsibly with our money – as well as damning the new super committee in Congress that is supposed to save us trillions of dollars.  By the way, Americans don’t get any say so in what they are cutting or who is going to be doing the cutting in this super committee.  This practically ignores congressional processes outlined in the constitution, so I’m with Newt on this one, and I am glad he brought it up.  He got my interest tonight.

Rick Santorum:  I haven’t heard much from Rick Santorum in a while.  It is adamantly clear that he understands a free society will only work if the people practice moral behavior towards themselves and others.  The problem is that he ignores the constitution when he believes an immoral action is being committed by the state.  The problem with this mentality is it makes the government the source for morality, and denies individuals the freedom to fail which is often the primary means for learning why we should not do something.  So I agree with Rick’s morality but not how he would implement it within government.

Herman Cain:  He is an excellent speaker, very easy to listen to, and always making the problems seem solvable.  The problem is that without enough specifics for how he could solve those problems, his dreams of fixing the problems is reminiscent of Obama.  He inspires you to think that things will be done but you cannot help but wonder if he has the knowledge to get the job done.

Ron Paul:  I have never ceased to say that Ron Paul would do for conservatives what Obama did for liberals.  Yes. He is a radical constitutionalist, but if he was elected,  he would only be able to move the country as far as congress would let him.  He would vocally reassert the authority of the constitution in America.  When I listened to him tonight, it just amazes me that he never ceases to bring his argument back to the constitution.  Where the rest of the candidates never cease to bring up their opinions and experiences, Paul never ceases to bring up the constitution as to say how he would do something and why.  For instance, monetary policy needs to be constitutionally sound – meaning back by gold in some way, fashion, or form.  This would have avoided reckless spending and the current debt crisis.  Furthermore, I always enjoy listening to him reassert the need to be wary of our foreign affairs – being involved as much as necessary but as little as possible.  Ron Paul will not get the nomination, but his voice has been heard.  Kudos to Paul for standing his ground tonight!


So who won?  Newt Gingrich walks away gaining the most attention because he has been pretty ignored up to this point.  I enjoyed his conversation, his content, and his tone. He is clearly the winner tonight.  Ron Paul – without a doubt – is the most constitutionally sound, but I always expect that from him.  Newt stole the show because he came out of nowhere.

However, Rick Perry joins this fight on Saturday, and we will see just how long Newt will ride this wave of victory before he wipes out.  If he keeps this up, it will be a three-way battle between Romney, Gingrich, and Perry.

Yet, this is the question you need to ask yourself of these three candidates – or any candidate for that matter: Will this person enable and empower me to protect and provide for myself and others or will this person enable and empower himself to protect and provide for me and others?

You must not seek to elect a candidate who elects themselves to save us from our troubles. You must seek to elect a candidate who elects and empowers you to save yourself from your troubles.  The more you do for yourself, the more you are able to protect and provide for yourself and others.  The more you rely on someone else to protect and provide for you, the more dependent on them you become, and the less able you are to raise up responsible children making your children less able with each generation.   A weak people can be overthrown with relative ease so it is always in the best interest of those who follow us that we have the ability and means to protect and provide for ourselves to protect and provide for others that they might protect and provide for themselves to protect and provide for others.  This will produce the strongest and most generous of people.  This is why it matters who you vote for.

Men at Work v. God at Work
August 11, 2011, 7:48 am
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It happens at – what seems like – the most unfortunate times. You are rushed, driving down the road, trying to get somewhere, as fast as you possibly can, and when you least expect it, standing in the middle of the road, clothed in bright yellow and orange is the man with the stop sign that messes up your whole schedule.  Yes. Men are at work, and you are forced to stop.  Been there before?

Instinctively but angrily, we stop and begin to impatiently wait for the “stop” to twist into “slow.”

Now have you ever seen the idiots who become so impatient that they choose to ignore the stop sign and the flagger. It seldom ends well for them.

Here’s what I am talking about:

Obviously, if you just have faith that the stop sign guy is actually stopping you for your own good and trust them in spite of how impatient you are, you know eventually you will safely get to the other side. It’s good to remember that the reason they are usually stopping you is because they are repairing the road so that your path will be much better in the long term.  You might have to wait for them, but eventually, if you allow them to work, what was a road that was breaking apart will soon be a smooth path for you to follow.  You know this, and here is a grand example of it.

The point is simple. Although you feel like it is an inconvenience to stop for road work, if the work wasn’t being done, it would make your trip even more dangerous and worse.  If you ignore their stop sign, you could put yourself and your vehicle in great danger.  This is why you know to trust the flagger when they tell you to “stop” and when to “go.”  You know that if you just patiently wait, your road will be made clear, and you will be much safer.

If only we could have such faith with God.

Just like we have to stop for construction so that the danger of the road can be fixed, it is important that we learn that God tells us to “stop” moving forward in certain areas of our lives for very similar reasons.  All of us seem to be on a road to get sexual gratification, financial security, relationships, and the like.  We zoom toward these things as fast as we can because we have a desire that is rooted in our flesh to get them.  God wants you to have these things, but he does not want you to get them in ways that hurts yourselves and others.   There is a time to progress in these areas, and a way to progress in these areas that are safe for you and everyone else.  If you zoom toward sexual pleasure and ignore God’s stop sign to wait and progress in this area in his way and timing, you condition yourself to sex outside of marriage before you are married, which pretty much implies what you will do after you are married.  If you zoom toward financial security and ignore God’s sign to wait and progress in this area in his way and timing, you can find yourself stealing and cheating to get more money.  If you want a relationship as quickly as possible, you will date – even marry – someone who abuses you simply because you are so afraid of being lonely, you ignore God’s stop sign and rush to your own destruction.

The point I am trying to make is that if you understand the faith you express in a construction worker to tell you when to stop and when to go for your safety, you can understand the faith you have to exercise in God to tell you when to stop and when to go for your safety.  If you rush on and try and satisfy your desires in whatever way you feel like doing, you are controlled by what you feel, rather than what is good for you.  A husband will feel like cheating on his wife.  Employees don’t always feel like going to work.  You cannot live rushing to do whatever you feel like doing and expect to have a life that will be good for you or those who care about you.  God only wants you to care for yourself and others because you care for Him.  This is the choice to love yourself and others in spite of emotions and circumstances.

Yes. In a weird way, you are stopping for the sake of love because love does no wrong to a neighbor, yourself, or God. (Romans 13:8-10)  When you move forward in any other way, God says stop and wait until you are in sync with this command.

So if you can trust that a man might know when it is best for you to progress on up the road, if God exists, you should also be able to trust that He would know when it is best for you to progress on the road of life.  Anytime a deed can undermine the life of you or someone else, he is going to tell you to stop. Sex outside of marriage conditions the breakdowns of families every single day.  Teenagers are teaching themselves to be used to many sexual partners ensuring greater difficulty to commit to one single person – even if they have children by that person.   This will affect their children when divorce comes around and will deeply hurt everyone involved.  The U.S. economy is in the toilet because people wanted money and loans quickly and easy without having to be responsible in how they dealt with their money. This has  hurt themselves and millions of Americans who lost money.  It is never good to rush past God’s stop signs and fail to satisfy these basic desires in ways that is best for ourselves and others by means of the choice to love in spite of emotions and circumstances..

So next time you pass a road work stop sign, think of the fact that God tells us to stop and wait for a reason: He loves you.  If you have the patience to stop and wait to go when his word says it is good to go, then you will find your path is much safer for you and others to progress.  Circumstances, emotions, and people will tell you to move forward anway, but have faith, and you will see why it was good to wait.


Matt. 22:34-36  “Love God with every beat of your heart, every thought of your mind, and every breath of your lungs, and love your neighbor in the way you should love yourself.”

Romans 13:8 “Love does not do a wrong to someone.  This is why love fulfills the law.”

Psalm 25:3  Let none that wait on You be ashamed.

Psalm 25:4-5  Show me Your ways, O Lord; teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me: for You are the God of my salvation; on You do I wait all day.


If we wait until we can move forward in love for ourselves, others, and God, we will cease to live in a civilization that profits so much from the destruction of our friends, families, and ourselves – all the people that Christ died to sustain and save.

American Hope
August 6, 2011, 4:51 pm
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The more our nation is in need of laws, the more it represents our failure to care for ourselves, others, and that which God has entrusted us with. If we see our neighbor hurting themselves and do nothing to correct them, it is just as good as saying the behavior is okay. The point is that if we care for God, we must care for those that He cares for: ourselves and others. Yes. We are our brothers’ keepers. The need for more and more laws in America is due to the fact that we have silently approved of destructive behaviors and mindsets that have resulted with our nation becoming over-regulated and over-taxed.

Regulation is not needed when people care for themselves and others and punish those who do not do likewise.

Taxation is not needed when the people protect and provide for themselves and others.

We have both in America because we have not practiced love towards ourselves or our neighbors. The moment we learn to obey the teaching of Jesus – in spite of our feelings and circumstances -we will find that regulation and taxation will cease to be necessary.

If we are to be free men and women, we must protect and provide for ourselves and others, and this is love.  Freedom is dependent upon love, and love is dependent on Christ.  For Christ has died for all men making them worthy of such love.  If all be worthy of such love, then all is deserving of such protection and provision.


“Love does no wrong to a neighbor. Therefore, love fulfills the law.” Romans 13:8